DSC Debate: Morning Showers, or Evening Showers?


Everyone’s got a way of doing things in the bathroom, and that way is the way. Just ask them.

And while there’s never really a right answer to these restroom-related disputes—toilet paper can sit under the roll, shaving in the shower is A-OK and guys that sit down to pee aren’t total freaks—watching the atomic argument that ensues is amusing to say the least.

So we decided to stir up our office a bit by asking our fellow DSC employees which is better: Showering in the morning, or showering in the evening? Let the battle begin.

Team Morning Showers:

Tyree H.: “Showering in the morning wakes me right up. It’s like drinking a gallon of coffee without actually drinking a gallon of coffee.”

Randall M.: “There’s something about taking an ice cold shower in the morning that puts me in a good mood for the day. The first fifteen seconds are pretty rough, but man does it gets my endorphins going. I always feel like I can conquer the world afterwards.”

Lee D.: “Showering before bed is pointless. You’re just going to wake up covered in sweat, eye gunk and whatever else is lingering in your sheets. It’s not like your body goes into biological statis when you sleep. You’re still producing oils and sweat like you would during the day.”

Molly M.: “Morning showers for sure. Sleeping with wet hair damages the strands. Also, it just feels gross sleeping on a soupy pillow.”

Bobby D.: “I always wake up with a gnarly case of bedhead. Showering in the morning keeps me from going about my day looking like a hedgehog.”

Team Evening Showers:

Luke L.: “I’ll do anything to sleep for an extra 15 minutes in the morning. I’ll skip breakfast, set out my clothes for the next day and, of course, take my showers before going to bed for an extra push of the snooze button.”

Tracey D.: “I’m not about to bring all the dirt and filth I acquired throughout the day into my bed. Who has the time to wash their sheets twice a week? Evening showers all the way.”

Camille J.: “I take steamy showers in the evening to wash away the stress (and sins) of my day. It’s the perfect time to think without any distractions, and it’s the only way I can sleep at night.”

Brandon M.: “Taking a 30 second rinse before running out the door in the morning? No way. I like to take my sweet time soaking in the shower at night without having to worry about getting to work on time.”

Jacob K.: “Why not both? I love feeling clean before hopping into bed and waking up with an early morning rinse. Make them short, though, or else that’s a huge waste of water.”

Now that our DSC employees have fought it out, it’s your turn. What side of the debate do you land on? Tell us in the comments below.