DSC Debate: Short Hair, or Long Hair?


Nowadays, men’s hairstyle trends change faster than you can say “man bun.” So, rather than even pretending to know which hairstyle is currently “in,” we had our fellow DSC employees fight over how they prefer their hair: short, or long? You know, for the laughs.

Team Short Hair:

Darshit D.: “Short hair is low maintenance, quicker to wash, easier to comb, keeps you cool in warm weather and looks plain sharp.”

Alex J.: “I unfortunately have a receding hairline, so I have to keep my hair short lest I want to look like The Undertaker. A number three on the sides and a little longer on the top makes my hair look fuller.”

Brett B.: “Long hair is too much of a commitment and can go really wrong. Plus, if you want to look like you give a damn with long hair, you have to hide it in a bun or a ponytail. And then what’s the point?”

Stacey G.: “I once paid a guy $50 to let me cut off his long, gross ponytail. I can’t even make eye contact with long-haired men because they might do table magic or whip out an acoustic guitar. Like, what are they even keeping in that cluster of hair?”

Tracey D.: “I prefer shorter hair on guys simply because I don’t want my man to be stealing my hair accessories. Those things add up!”

Team Long Hair:

Matt R.: “I’ve actually had both hair past my shoulders and a completely buzzed head, so I can say without bias that long hair is better. My long locks separated me from every other guy who walked through the door. Plus, it takes patience and discipline to get through those dreaded awkward stages.”

Luke L.: “Long hair all the way. You have tons of different styling options, it’s more fun and you’ll get lots of compliments. When was the last time you heard someone say, ‘nice buzz cut’?”

Bobby D.: “Everything you do looks more badass if you have long hair. Robert Plant, the rock n’ roll god? Long hair. Clay Matthews, the unstoppable force? Long hair. Aragorn, the ultimate fighter for Middle-earth? Long hair.”

Camille J.: “I prefer my men long-haired. That way, if he strays too far while we’re out and about, I can reel him back in by the ponytail.”

Benny W.: “I have a hair length formula: Well-kept long hair > short hair > unkempt long hair. My thought process is the more nice hair you have, the better it looks. That said, the more not-so-nice hair you have, the worse it looks. So if you can’t keep up with all the shampooing and conditioning, you’re better off chopping it all off.”

Now that our DSC employees have fought it out, it’s your turn. What side of the debate do you land on? Tell us in the comments below.