Fun With Sand: Sandboarding


Unless you’ve been locked away in your basement, your office, or your basement-office, it’s readily apparent that summer’s here. Which means that the hot, sandy beach is calling your name, and lunch seems as good a time as any to duck out early to catch some rays. But if you don’t live near the coast or are deathly afraid of seagulls, fret not—there are other ways to feel sand between your toes.

The desert, for example, is full of opportunities for sandy fun, granted you can beat the heat. Sandboarding, the sweaty, scruffy cousin of snowboarding features riders coasting down sand dunes on custom-tailored boards, often hitting speeds of up to 50 mph. Dunes are located all over the world and are host to numerous extreme sand sporting events like the Sandboarding World Championship, the Sand Master Jam and the Sand Sports Super Show.


If you’re a skier, that’s cool too. Bring your skis and you can shred along with the rest. But be warned: it’s hard to build chairlifts on shifting piles of sand, so prepare for a lot of hiking.

Featured Sandboarding World Record: Josh Tenge, four-time world sandboarding champion, holds the Guinness Book of World Records entry for the longest-distance back flip on a sandboard at 44′ 10″.