July Rompecabeza: Get your 4th On

Ahh, the 4th of July—arguably the best holiday of the year. The grill is hot, the drinks are cold, and come 9 p.m., you get to watch things explode. Who doesn’t love that?

In the spirit of the 4th we present this month’s rompecabeza. Can you figure out how many fireworks are missing?


Need a hint? You can find one at the bottom of this post. Answer next week!



Last week’s puzzle was another Frame Game, meaning that there is a hidden phrase or title that can be determined from the words/design of what’s within the frame. In this case the word “dirty” was repeated twelve times, making the answer the…



HINT TO THIS WEEK’S PUZZLE: Convert the middle scale into an equation and solving it first. It will help you figure out the other two!

DSC members are among the smartest people in the world. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be smarter. With the help of our friends at American Mensa, DSC is proud to bring you weekly Rompecabezas (Spanish for “head breakers”) to boost your IQ into the thermosphere. 

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