Rompecabeza: Cookie Crunch


There’s nothing like stepping into your home during Christmastime to the sweet smell of fresh baked gingerbread cookies. Nostalgia (and hunger) sets in, and dear memories of Gran Gran letting you lick the spoon swirl around in your head. And in this week’s Rompecabeza, our perhaps too hungry gingerbread fanatics are eating the whole tray. Can you figure out how long it will take them to finish up?

Jimmy can eat 27 gingerbread cookies in an hour. Frank can eat 2 gingerbread cookies in 10 minutes, and Jana can eat 7 cookies in 20 minutes. How long will it take them to share and eat a large bowl of 120 gingerbread cookies while decorating the Christmas Tree?

Check back next week for the answer.


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