The Strangest Ways People Have Traveled the Earth

Hitchhiking isn't so easy when you're taking your refrigerator along for the ride...


Nowadays, traveling the world is as easy as hopping on a plane. But what if you don’t want to deal with long TSA lines, cramped seats and overpriced drinks? Are there any viable alternatives? The famous aviophobes featured in August’s Bathroom Minutes magazine spread, “You’re Grounded!” took to cars, trains and ships to get where they were going, but the five travelers below were a little more inventive.

Traveler: Ed Pratt
Mode of Transportation: Unicycle
Journey: Aiming to be the first person to unicycle around the the world, Pratt set off from the county of Somerset, England on March 14th, 2015… but was forced to delay his start by one day, when his lunch of two egg sandwiches split the zipper on his custom pannier travel bags just seven miles in. So far, he’s made his way through Germany, Hungary, Turkey and is currently traversing northern China. You can follow his journey here.

Traveler: Lucas Van Engen
Mode of Transportation: Lawnmower
Journey: Van Engen spent 99 days driving his Craftsman 54-inch Kohler Courage 26-horsepower Gas Powered Riding Garden Tractor ($3,479.99) from California to New York during the summer of 2010. His average speed was seven miles per hour, but he still found time for regular stops at Sears Hometown Store locations for meet-and-greets along the way.

Traveler: Steve Fossett
Mode of Transportation: Hot Air Balloon
Journey: Fossett became the first person to complete a circumnavigation of the globe in a hot air balloon in 2002. The trek took fifteen days, and the conditions were far from luxurious; the basket was no larger than a closet, and outside temperatures were well below zero degrees fahrenheit. On top of that, Fossett was only allowed four hours of sleep per day—broken into 45 minute naps—in order to maintain control of the balloon.

Traveler: Rob Cope
Mode of Transportation: Hitchhiking…with a fridge
Journey: Hitchhiking might not seem all that unusual, unless you’re Rob Cope, and you’ve decided to take your refrigerator along for the ride. So far, he and his fridge, which he uses to carry food, clothes and camping gear, have hitchhiked over 3,000 miles around the whole of New Zealand and across the United States, from San Francisco to New York. He’s doing it to promote his book, “If Your Wife Kicks You Out, Grab the Fridge and Run!”.

Traveler: Karl Bushby
Mode of Transportation: Feet
Journey: British ex-paratrooper Karl Bushby began the Goliath Expedition—an attempt to be the first person to walk an unbroken 36,000 miles around the world, from Punta Arenas, Chile, to Hull, England—in 1998. After numerous delays—including being banned from Russia for five years because he accidently stumbled into an off-limits security zone—Karl has walked over 20,000 miles. As of May 15, 2015, Russia allowed him back in, and Karl was making his way through Yakutsk; however, we’re still waiting on an update regarding his current location.