Weekly Rompecabeza: Eat your Soup

No one eats canned soup anymore, and it’s a crying shame. That goes double for alphabet soup, possibly the king of them all, because it was one of the few foods you were all but encouraged to play with. Kids with even the shortest of attention spans were no match for the hypnotic effect of those cute little pasta letters. And, of course, it didn’t hurt that it was damn delicious.

So, this week, we play once again with alphabet soup—the puzzle version.


Check back next week for the answer!


The key to this puzzle is in the wording of the question. If it takes one painter 10 hours to paint one portrait then that is the fastest anyone can go. No amount of painters, each with their own canvas, could paint even one portrait in 5 hours. And so, the answer is, well, there is no answer—it cannot be done.