Weekly Rompecabeza: From green to grass, in just 7 steps


As the saying goes, the grass is always greener. Sometimes that’s true in your job. Sometimes that’s true when you get order envy. What if the saying was actually “the green is always grassier?” Normally, that wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. Unless you’re Carl Spackler, or in the case of the puzzle below.

Just in case you’re stumped, we’ve put a hint at the bottom of this post.

Check back next Friday for the answer!


Only one letter works to solve each of the eight jumbled words in the puzzle above. And that letter is:


Using Z as the missing letter, the unscrambled words are (clockwise from the NNE section): Woozy, Glazed, Lazed, Hazel, Braze, Razes, Dozen, and Zoned.

HINT TO THIS WEEK’S PUZZLE: The first word after GREEN is GREED.