Weekly Rompecabeza: Going Global


Pull out your passports, because we’re going international for this week’s Rompecabeza.

There’s really nothing like hopping a plane to head across the world. The peanuts. The mini liquor bottles. The large men on your right and left who have both decided that you’re a pillow. But hey! How about that duty-free shopping?

Anyway, where’s this flight taking us?


In order to solve last week’s 4th of July puzzle, you needed to do a little math. First, convert each scale to an equation where hotdogs = x, popsicles = y, and fireworks = z:

Scale 1: 2x + 4y = 1x + 3z

Scale 2: 2x + 3y = 4x + 2y

Scale 3: 4x + 2y = 1y + ?z

Solving Scale 2 first for y, you get y = 2x. Replace all the y variables with 2x. Next, solve Scale 1 for z. You’ll get 3x  = z.

With one variable remaining, you can now solve for the question mark. The answer is:

? = 2


Hint to this week’s puzzle: Two of the countries are in Asia, and one is an island.