Weekly Rompecabeza: Pigs in S**t

If you’ve ever been to a pig farm, then you’re quite well aware that they don’t smell all that good.

In fact, there are probably few places as foul-smelling as a pig farm. The reason being? They are filthy—a mixture of mud tossed in with a little who-knows-what. It’s too bad, too, because pigs are pretty intelligent, friendly beasts. Kind of makes you reconsider the whole “bacon” thing. Who wants to eat something that lives it’s life in such a dirty place? Like, really really dirty.

Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty. Blecch. Let’s do a puzzle.


Need a hint? You can find one at the bottom of this page. Check back next week for the answer.



The four words that you needed to unscramble from the soup bowl were, from the upper right quadrant:





Thus, the missing alphabet letter at the center of the spoon was “B“.


HINT TO THIS WEEK’S PUZZLE: The answer is the name of a movie from 1967.

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