Weekly Rompecabeza: Potato Peelin'


Thanksgiving dinner isn’t Thanksgiving dinner without the three big Fs: Family, football and, of course, food. But cooking an entire turkey-filled feast by yourself isn’t easy. Which is why Martha and Will tag team the kitchen in this week’s Rompecabeza. Can you solve the puzzle?

Martha and Will had to peel 44 sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. Martha began peeling at a rate of three potatoes per minute. Four minutes later, Will joined in, peeling five per minute. How many sweet potatoes had they peeled by the time they finished?


Check back next week for the answer.


Last week, we asked you to escape a room by choosing between two doors—one that led to a deadly-hot sun; the other to a hungry bear.

To safely get out, you would have to wait until the sun goes down, then go through that door.