Weekly Rompecabeza: Smiths for the win!

Biking, swimming and running. For even the fittest of the fit, an Ironman is no walk in the park. Apparently, a 14-year-old named Rodkey Faust finished the Ironman Triathalon World Championship back in 1982. 14 years old! Shouldn’t he be climbing trees and playing handball or something?

Anyway, put on your running shorts and do some jumping jacks to warm up for this week’s Rompecabeza.

Hint’s at the bottom, check back next week for the answer.



Last week’s puzzle required you to think outside the box. Or inside it? Well, in any case, you needed to count not only the 1×1 squares, but the 2×2, 3×3 and even 4×4 squares as well. If you collected them all, you should have this many:

60 squares of size 1×1.
35 squares of size 2×2.
12 squares of size 3×3.
3 squares of size 4×4.

A total of 60 + 35 + 12 + 3 =



Hint to this week’s puzzle: Alex Smith is the oldest.