Weekly Rompecabeza: Weirdness in the Maternity Ward


Parenthood can be tough. Sleepless nights, unexplainable messes and the never-ending parade of dirty diapers is enough to drive even the toughest of adults crazy. Now, just multiply those struggles by two and you’ve got this week’s Rompecabeza. Can you solve it?

Bryan and Taylor were identical twins Born in San Diego in 1981. Bryan was born before Taylor, but according to their birth certificates, Taylor is older than Bryan. How is this possible?

Check back next week for the answer.


Last week, two buddies took a road trip, and we asked you who drove the furthest.

On the way there Carlos drove 90 miles, and on the way back drove the (total distance – 100 miles).
On the way Darren drove the (total distance – 90 miles), and on the way back drove 100 miles.
So Carlos drove 90 + total – 100 = total – 10.
And Darren drove total – 90 + 100 = total + 10.