Five People Who Survived Getting Trapped in the Toilet


If you’re following the 2016 presidential race even a little bit, you’ve probably heard the latest fervor from the campaign trail: Seven of Hillary Clinton’s staffers accidentally locked themselves in a bathroom. Thankfully, the group wasn’t trapped for long—owing to a series of well-timed S.O.S. tweets. But while Twitter might have come to the quick rescue of Clinton’s aides, numerous others haven’t been as lucky. For those unfortunate souls the bathroom can become a cell…

Prisoner: Johnny Quinn, Olympic Bobsledder
Length of Stay: Only as long as the door would hold him.
It’s no surprise that Quinn got locked in one of the infamous Sochi bathrooms during the 2014 Winter Olympics, given their well-documented shortcomings. His escape method, on the other hand, was a different story. When no one responded to his loud banging, Quinn did what any 6-foot, 220-pound athlete with a cell phone would have done: He ran straight through the door and proceeded to tweet a photo of the aftermath.

Prisoner: Unnamed Airplane Passenger
Length of Stay: 1 hour
A 32-year-old American passenger experienced his own “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” after finding himself trapped in a 4 square-foot airplane bathroom on a flight to Hong Kong when his middle finger reportedly got stuck in the trash bin. Despite the furious help of flight attendants the poor gentleman wasn’t able to wiggle his digit free until the plane was safely on the ground.

Prisoner: An unnamed Barnsley F.C. Fan
Length of Stay: 7 hours
There’s nothing like a few beers to send you to bed. And for an inebriated English football fan during a match between Barnsley and Fleetwood Town, that bed just happened to be the stadium’s restroom. The young man apparently nodded off while relieving himself only to wake up on the toilet 7 hours later, long after the match was over.

Prisoner: Karen Perrin, D.C. Businesswoman
Length of Stay: 8 hours
If you’ve ever wondered how to break out of a locked bathroom without using the I-can-run-through-walls-because-I’m-an-Olympic-athlete method, Washington D.C. resident Karen Perrin has you covered. When the bathroom door locked behind her after a late night at the office, Perrin summoned her inner Shawshank Redemption and successfully chiseled her way through the wall using a 3-foot-long metal rod.

Prisoner: An unnamed 69-year-old Parisian Woman
Length of Stay: 20 Days
Thanks—or perhaps, no thanks—to a broken lock, a 69-year-old Parisian woman spent nearly three weeks stuck in her apartment bathroom surviving on nothing but warm tap water. And if that weren’t bad enough, residents in her complex filed a petition to stop her late-night, pipe-tapping calls for help after confusing them for DIY home repair. Fortunately, after noticing that despite the loud noises, they hadn’t seen her around the building in a couple of weeks, neighbors finally called in the authorities to come to her rescue.